Bruce Wilkinson

“Fashion starts from within,” a quote that Ty Hunter has used all his life since his humble beginnings in Austin, TX.  That same quote has helped him to catapult his career straight to the center of pop culture.  Ty Hunter is celebrated as one of the world’s most influential fashion gurus.  He has styled or contributed to the cover of almost every major international magazine.  He has also consulted for more than fifty national and international ad campaigns.  Ty has recently launched his new company Passion Projects, with the help of his first product…an amazing, protective, cell phone case fully equipped with an awesome 3-light setting, simply called, “The Ty-Lite.”

Getting his start through retail in Houston, TX, Ty Hunter was afforded the opportunity to work with an up and coming pop group named Destiny’s Child by their Lead Stylist, Tina Knowles, in 2000.  From there Ty worked with Miss Tina to develop and cultivate not only the group into an iconic status, but also working with the girl’s individually to help cultivate their looks.  He is now the exclusive and personal stylist to Beyonce along with his counterpart, Raquel Smith.  Since working with the iconic, Beyonce, Ty has risen to the top of the fashion charts as being a key talent in the field.  His passion, his drive and most importantly his humility is what keeps him blessed and striving for more.

“All through life people told me I was too nice or too giving.  I truly believe that those same things that people counted as my downfalls were actually my tools to staying blessed in more ways than I could ever imagine.  I’m so thankful that God chose me for this journey.”