Myleik Teele

California-bred innovator, Myleik Teele, has revolutionized the way women address their curly hair needs. As the founder of curlBOX, an exclusive monthly subscription box full of amazing products, the stylish entrepreneur hasgarnered partnerships with Procter & Gamble, Carol’s Daughter, Walmart, Target and Shea Moisture.

Before creating curlBOX, the San Francisco State University graduate honed her talents for a decade in public relations. Teele worked with brands such as Calvin Klein Cosmetics, The Grammy Awards, American Idol and Nike, as well as music artists Prince, Linkin Park and Travis Barker.  In 2010, Teele birthed Art of Facts Public Relations in Atlanta, Georgia. The agency grew at a rapid speed and was recognized as one of the top boutique public relations firms in the industry during its short existence.